Astellas Pharma S.A.

offices relocation

The relocation of a pharmaceutical company’s Greek headquarters in a new building led us to renegotiate the architectural “terms and conditions’ of a modern, up-to-date office workspace design. The particular Officescape was conceived from the outset as an open and multifunctional space, proposing a dynamic relationship between its different function zones. From the reception to the managerial closed offices and from the convertible meeting rooms to the small concentration hubs, everything is grouped in such a way to promote constant co-operation and communication. The entrance area is formed with a luminous passage along a curved, organic structure, leading to a reception area with an unobstructed view towards the Athenian mountains. Interweaving, curvilinear lighting fixtures on the ceiling unfold over the reception and around the central meeting core giving freedom to the direction of choice. Additionally, a pleated wall with a repetitive pattern turns the attention towards the wide, curved reception bench that covers an optical range of 270 degrees, acting as the main access control and welcoming centre.


12A, Panagouli Str.
14562 – Kifisia - Athens - GR
T: +30 210 6422262